Case Studies

Here are some of our selective cybersecurity case studies where we helped our clients in deploying multiple security objectives without any hassle!
Case Study I - Managing Supply Chain Risk

Sinevis helps a leading manufacturing organisation to better manage it'sSupply chain risks ​

Sinevis has been supporting one of the leading U.S. billion-dollar manufacturing organizations to develop and operate a centralized Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) process to enable improved visibility over risks introduced by their supply chain in an efficient and effective manner.

At the onset of the engagement, the organization’s third-party risk management activities were heavily dependent on individuals utilising Excel spreadsheets and email communications with suppliers, posing several challenges such as inconsistent risk assessments and ratings, lack of centralized risk view of all vendor engagements, and thus an inconsistent risk input towards a vendor engagement. 

Additionally, vendor repository was disjointed in numerous internal documents without a pre-defined ownership of the vendor and associated risk repository.

The organization needed a logic-based consistent third-party risk assessment, reporting and tracking process to reduce the complexity of overall third-party risk governance.

The engagement involved:

  • Creating a centralised repository of vendors by conducting discovery and gathering information on their active vendors.
  • Consolidating the information available using a risk-based security questionnaire.
  • Developing a new consistent evaluation and risk rating process, and
  • Triaging vendors as per their risk rating. 
  • Facilitating of an enterprise-wide view of the cybersecurity risk introduced by their supply chain;
  • Designing and implementing a TPRM Program enabling visibility into which vendors pose the highest risks to the organization and giving management the overall view of how the vendor risks is mitigated and managed;
  • Improving the overall reporting capabilities and ensuring an up-to-date risk register is maintained; and
  • Reducing inefficiencies in TPRM governance by standardizing and streamlining the manual and resource intensive processes for identifying and managing the third party risks.
Case Study II - Governance, Risk and Compliance

Sinevis enables improved Governance, Risk and Compliance practices at one of the largest BPO Service providers

Sinevis has been supporting one of the largest American BPO service providers to streamline their cybersecurity governance, risk management and compliance oversight by defining and implementing the processes, and upskilling their internal team ultimately driving better risk management practices aligned with its IT and business initiatives. 

Being one of the largest BPO service providers bring its own set of challenges in terms of variety and pace of business. Additionally, the organisation was undertaking a number of rapid technology modernisation initiatives.

In light of all these, there was a need for a nimble and yet robust cybersecurity governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) practice within the organisation.

While the organization had defined a GRC program to handle risk assessments and meet industry/regulatory compliance requirements. However, the organization have had challenges implementing it consistently while maintaining a balance of business benefits and risk elements. At the same time, it had challenges attracting and retaining the right talent to implement and operate the GRC program which impeded their ability to adapt their GRC program to meet the changing requirements of their business and technology requirements.

There was a need to streamline their GRC processes for full adoption and upskilling/ mentoring the internal staff as owners of the process and perform the run business tasks effectively.

Sinevis supported the client by providing dedicated resources from its team of experienced and skilled GRC consultants to support remotely as part of a staff augmentation agreement.

  • Plan, advise and develop their GRC program to meet their dynamic business requirements. 
  • Streamline their cybersecurity risk management process, encouraging a more in-depth risk management process and ensuring that management had clear visibility of the organization’s real cybersecurity risks. 
  • Support in strategically assessing and evaluating the organization cybersecurity risks, update risk register and monitor and manage mitigating actions including risk exceptions. 
  • Build a program to blueprint and implement security best practices across a spectrum of business/functional areas.

Our experienced team members mentored and trained internal staff to build up their skills in handling the day-to-day tasks and maintain an appropriate oversight on GRC elements.

Sinevis helped in facilitation of enterprise-wide view of cyber security risk with effective reports and real-time dashboards giving management better understanding and visibility into the cyber security risks in their environment.

Case Study III - DDI Solutions

Sinevis helps a large UK telecom service provider deploy DDI (DNS, DHCP, IPAM) solutionsfirst private cloud-based packet core network

Working closely with a large telecom service provider and it telecom system integrator in the UK, Sinevis led the design and implementation of underlying virtual DNS, DHCP and IPAM solution as part of deployment of the world’s first fully integrated cloud native core network.

Being the first fully integrated cloud native core network, it needed the DDI architects to be creative and attentive to details, while being able to design for flexibility to tune for any evolving needs/ requirements.

With a number of unknowns and new technologies, Sinevis team of DDI architects and implementation engineers had to work closely with various teams within the Gn, Gp, and Gi service networks of the telecom service provider to ensure that the underlying infrastructure and services are able to leverage the Infoblox DDI platform for appropriate connectivity and service availability for the end consumers.

Sinevis was able to leverage its DDI, cloud and automation expertise to ensure this is achieved in a smooth manner while keeping an eye on seamless transition from a physical core network to a full cloud native telecom core network. 

Sinevis helped its vendor partner Infoblox to grow the revenue from this account by 4 times in the next one year, setting the stone for a longer-term engagement.

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