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We Deliver an Expeirence

Proudly Serving 150+ Organizations in 20 countries

Taking Service Delivery to the Next Level

Our services integrate consulting with solution delivery, serving as your valued partner to define your customer technology strategies and deliver results. We can help your organization implement solutions that will accelerate your and your customers business objectives.

Sinevis utilizes a four-phased service delivery framework (strategy – design – implement – operate), which is based on industry best practices and designed to address end-to-end solution fulfillment needs. The framework addresses the ability to define business and infrastructure requirements, design the solution, efficiently implement and transition into production, as well as fulfill ongoing maintenance and operational needs.

Our Professional Services Team guides you through the design, implementation, and ongoing optimization of your solutions, helping to ensure a lasting return on your technology investment.

Sinevis operational services include a range of services to enhance your solution with a comprehensive support plan that provides important alerts, valuable upgrades, and access to expert advice. Sinevis provides the resources you need to quickly and proactively resolve your technology issues to ensure business continuity. These service options include:

  • 7x24 around-the-clock remote support – These services help you gain the peace of mind by having easy reachability to technology experts
  • Personalized Support Services –These services are provided remotely or onsite, and are customized to meet your specific needs, and are highly flexible in nature
  • Residency Services –These services help you fulfill the operational day-to-day management of the technology solutions.

Please contact us for a conversation on how we can support you to fulfill your technology requirements