In today’s progressively more cloud-based, mobile world, the line of business increasingly demands that customers, partners, and others be given access to sensitive applications and data.

As a result, the need for developing an intelligent and risk driven Security Program have become even more intertwined, complex and business-critical, and existing traditional security programs based keep up.

Sinevis helps organizations in designing and implementing advanced security solutions that help safeguard the organizational mission by focusing on the protection of high-value assets, which are the object of targeted attacks, and by reducing breach exposure time. Our unmatched expertise assist leading establishments solve their most complex and sensitive challenges and innovative needs.  

Sinevis Advanced Security Solutions emphasizes and can adapt as attacker tools, tactics, and procedures evolve: By focusing on content, threat, and analytic data-gathering capabilities and information, Our approach enable customers to generate actionable intelligence.

The experts of Sinevis can help transform visions and solution strategies utilizing Our Partners leading-industry solutions & programs that deliver value to Our Customers. We consistently achieve this goal by working with customers to ensure that their initiatives are tightly aligned with their critical organization goals, such as growing revenues, reducing costs and protecting their data and intellectual property.  

With more than 10 years of experience in the industry, Sinevis utilizes proven methodologies that leverages best practices and industry standards to provide you with comprehensive Security Solutions.


Today, we are at the beginning of the adoption of what research firm IDC calls the “Third Platform” – a fundamental change in the way IT is run and delivered. It’s characterized by disruptive forces such as mobile access, cloud infrastructure, big data, and communication thru social media.

In today’s third platform world, organizations are taking advantage of these new capabilities and depending on them to drive innovation and drive their business forward.

The shift from the second to the third platform radically changes security requirements and demands a more robust and proactive security program to address advanced threats. An Intelligence-Driven Security requires a shift in priorities, technologies, and resources.

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With an increasing number of mobile device applications being developed or used within the corporate workplace, the economics of cloud computing are beginning to resonate with enterprises. It has become cost-effective for many enterprises to move certain applications to the cloud, from earlier deployments on physical servers in their data centers.

The benefits associated with cloud technologies are creating real value across enterprise IT and network environments – increasing flexibility, improving responsiveness to business opportunities, and offering greater operational efficiencies. And, improvements in systems management are addressing several of the challenges presented which, heretofore, limited visibility and control over Cloud Infrastructures and Enterprise Mobile solutions.

The greater challenge today is to maximize the benefits of Cloud and Mobile computing without compromising security and compliance.

Sinevis Advanced Security Solutions: Advanced Security Solutions

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